Alien Soundworks Corporation

Company Overview
Name: Alien Soundworks Corporation
Adress: TAKE Flat 1F 2-23-4 Yushima, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 113-0034 (Japan)
Established in: 2013 November 21th
CEO : Nicolas Oury

- Concept
Create products for the needs of guitar and bass players while keeping a good cost/performance ratio.

- Story
I am Nicolas Oury and I am the founder of Alien Soundworks Corporation. Born in France I graduated at Toulon University in electronic engineering. For many years, I have been practicing, recording and performing guitar, bass guitar, drums and more in France and Japan. Coming from this background, I started to build effects pedals, power supplies, cables, etc by myself. I observed the music instrument market in Europe and Japan for years and nowadays, I am building instruments and accessories for musicians.

- Originality
As we have a global vision of the music instrument market, we also design, create, import, export and sell worldwide.
The “Alien Soundworks” brand is dedicated to professional artists and stands for high quality products, made in Japan.
E.A.R is the best cost/performance budget brand for guitar lovers. All the products are originally designed in Tokyo and made by assembly facilities in Ningbo or Shenzheng in China.

- Goal
Create products that respond to the needs of professional musicians by the brand Alien Soundworks and carrying the same philosophy to a low cost budget by the brand E.A.R.


Giving you the best products.